Good Future Design Alliance


Our industry is fueling a culture of waste. Some of us are forging a new path. And it’s radical.

Founded by Katie Storey, of Storey Design, the Good Future Design Alliance (GFDA) is a community of design leaders challenging the residential and commercial design industry to innovate the business models that have fueled a culture of excessive consumption and waste. Think U.N. Paris Accord but for architects, builders, interior designers, makers, and landscapers who refuse to tolerate the status quo in the industry. Together, the alliance is committing to concrete waste reduction goals.

Our industry’s story is sadly familiar. Piles of waste head to the landfill daily from our job sites, products travel thousands of unnecessary miles, and, in San Francisco alone, demolition and construction waste accounts for 25% of the city’s landfill. And that’s just the beginning of our impact on the planet.

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We have to do better. And we have to do it together.

The GFDA is rethinking and innovating our industry’s business models and design practices to create strategic solutions for a better future. We're using our collective voices and influence to develop real-world goals that will fundamentally shift the way our businesses operate, in service of the environment and good design.

The GFDA is growing and building chapters of alliance members in each major city. We believe in how powerful a movement like this can be when scaled.



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